We have been creating cool online advertising for our clients for more than 8 years and are among the TOP digital agencies in Russia. Join us!

Each of us is unique and talented. That's why we're on our way to gold together!

  • We study and train

    We regularly conduct training events both within the team and outside it. We go to English lessons together. We encourage initiatives, support meetups and are happy to organize all possible trainings

  • Let's participate and win

    We are constantly developing, replenishing our portfolio with cool cases, receiving awards and don’t plan to stop

  • Let's have fun and be friends

    We celebrate Internet Day and book cinema halls for the evening, play kicker and go on quests, relax on bonus days and earn AdCoin, We work in a cool office and are waiting for you!

  • We study and train
  • Let's participate and win
  • Let's have fun and be friends

We take care of ourselves in the office and outside

  1. Each colleague has access to a voluntary health insurance program with access to the right doctors
  2. In the office kitchen you can always find coffee, tea, cookies, cottage cheese and fruit, so that breaks between work tasks are tasty and healthy
  3. Once a week we go to corporate sports. We warm up in yoga or play tennis. Getting out into nature when it's warm


  • Ekaterina Lisovskaya

    Ekaterina Lisovskaya

    Commercial Director
  • Lyudmila Khvatova

    Lyudmila Khvatova

    Executive Director
  • Oleg Khrienko

    Oleg Khrienko

    Director of Development
  • Vladimir Shcherbich

    Vladimir Shcherbich

    Director for Key Areas
  • Eugene Voronov

    Eugene Voronov

    Media Director
  • Yuri  Yarvinen

    Yuri Yarvinen

    Head of Development Department
  • Eva  Smorodova

    Eva Smorodova

    Head of administrative department
  • Karina Kartunova

    Karina Kartunova

    Head of call center
  • Georgy  Simonovsky

    Georgy Simonovsky

    Head of Sales Department AdAurum Realty
  • Valeriya Kaganovich

    Valeriya Kaganovich

  • Kristina  Komarovskaya

    Kristina Komarovskaya

    Senior Account Manager
  • Ksenia  Ozimina

    Ksenia Ozimina

    Head of Real Estate Marketing Group Realty


  • Digital marketer from 120,000 rubles

    Tasks to be performed: Setting up and launching contextual and targeted advertising on social networks. Lead generation. Media planning and preparation of strategies for advertising campaigns. Testing new channels and advertising tools.

  • Junior digital marketer by agreement

    Tasks to be performed: Preparation of advertising campaigns in Direct, VK advertising and Telegram Ads; Optimization of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Media planning; Traffic analysis; Project audits; Collection of strategic messages/targetings

  • Account manager (digital) from 70,000 to 120,000 rubles

    What to do: Control and analytics of our advertisers’ advertising campaigns; Communication with clients (messengers, calls, video calls, meetings); Setting objectives for the marketing department; Informing clients about company news and possible options; Extension of current advertising contracts.

  • System Administrator by agreement

    Tasks to be performed: Creation and maintenance of a Sip telephony server; Setting up telephony (Mangi, Yuis, etc.); Working with Bitrix24 (creating accounts, setting up business processes, etc.); Office administration;

  • Digital analyst by agreement

    We are waiting for you: You know how to conduct A/B tests; You know how to work with analytical systems Y. Metrika, GA; Confident in Excel; You are proficient in GTM; Do you have experience working with advertising system APIs? Understanding the process of building reports in visualization systems (Power BI)

  • Digital sales manager by agreement

    We are waiting for you: Do you have experience in B2B sales? You know how to analyze a client (website, metrics); Identify client needs; Ready for occasional business trips; Ready for cold sales.

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