• Background

  • Pictures

    The client already had advertising campaigns ready, but it was necessary to finalise the pictures: create versions of advertising banners for different sites and make sure that the banners get into Yandex.

  • Goals

    • Make the banners look nice
    • Increase the efficiency
    • Meet the minimum deadline

Work Progress

We finalised the company's content and met the deadline exactly. While working and negotiating with the client, we also offered them marketing assistance.

We had a lot of competition with other contractors.

  • Relaunch of advertising campaigns

    We relaunched his advertising campaigns in Yandex.Direct, Facebook and Google.

  • Customising advertising offices from scratch

    We set up VK and MyTarget advertising offices from scratch. Thanks to this step, our client and I were ready for the crisis of 2022, when Facebook and Google advertising platforms were closed to Russians.

  • Changed the analytics settings

    This allowed us to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns more accurately and objectively.


Interested customers started to visit to the company more often. The client now has more accurate and objective information about how well their advertising is working.

  • by 2 times

    Reduced cost per lead

  • by 39 %

    Reduced CPM

  • in 8 regions

    Debugged the work of advertising campaigns

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