• Background

  • Target Audience

    Businessmen, people with above average income, investors, people looking for profitable investments

  • Project Benefits

    Vatutinki Park Residential Complex is located in the New Moscow district (Troitsk, 3-5 Kvartsevaya Street) and offers premises for a restaurant, coffee shop, bakery, beauty salon, order delivery point, sports club. Newly populated housing estate, high ceilings 4m, free layouts, affordable price, low commercial risks, high liquidity of the object, good transport accessibility.

  • Media Split

    • Yandex Realty
    • CIAN
    • Avito
    • Yandex Direct
  • Launch Hurdles

    • A difficult-to-promote area of commerce
    • Lack of CPA model placements on classifides
  • Advertising Campaign Period

    May, 2023


Launching The Campaign

From the very beginning on the sites Avito, CIAN, Yandex Realty it was supposed only to place positions on feed without prediction on leads. 20 lots of premises were selected, 1 of which was supplemented with promotion (strengthened card + TOP in the site search results).

During the launch, it became clear that the field of commerce is new for Classifieds, just as it is for us. The region was incorrectly displayed on some sites, although technically everything was correct in the feed, plus due to the simultaneous upload of parking spaces within the same placement, the cards were confused with each other. The launch on the sites was completed as part of the test, but for efficiency we connected and strengthened the placement in Yandex.Direct.

The Advertisement Campaign

Contextual advertising: an attractive unique selling proposition was chosen - guaranteed income from 1 million roubles.

Selected USPs: Shell&Core finishes, location, price, layout options, ready rooms.

  • Dividing the target audience: users with a request for premises for restaurant, beauty salon, fitness club, etc. Connection of thematic landing pages with quizzes

  • Geography: Moscow and the nearest suburbs

The Yandex Direct Strategy

The following campaigns were chosen as the main tools for achieving KPIs on leads in Direct:

  • Yandex Ads

  • Search engine advertising

  • Commodity campaigns

For the launch we selected a pool of keywords related to the selection of premises for business in Moscow, as well as narrow queries on commerce in New Moscow, Vatutinki, Troitsk.

Campaigns were launched for locations on search and in the Yandex Ads, campaigns for general queries and business premises, master campaigns, and product campaigns. The product campaign was launched without feeds - we made landing pages for the layout of each individual room ourselves

While advertising, we found out which propositions were most interesting to our audience - we abandoned the USP of rough finishing, replacing it with "secured demand" (since more than 30,000 people already live in the neighbourhood), and also emphasised the fact that the housing estate had been completed and the premises could already be bought.

As a result, the best results were achieved by product campaigns, advertising campaigns on narrow requests for commercial premises by location, as well as network campaigns on the scheme "semantics + landing" for small business areas:

  • Bakery Premises landing: https://novostan.ru/commerce-bakery

  • Beauty Salon Premises: https://novostan.ru/commerce-bakery

The total number of leads received via Yandex Direct was 29, 10 of which were recognised as qualified, the target number plan was fulfilled, but conversions continued to come in June when the campaign was switched off. Thus we were able to establish an effective funnel for attracting leads from commerce, as well as to identify the most successful strategies and channels. The client was satisfied with the cooperation - we continue to work together on his other projects.

  • 30%

    conversion to a targeted lead

  • 11 000 RUB

    CPL per qualified lead

  • 29 leads total

    10 of them are interested in buying a commercial space

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