Functional characteristics of AurumRealty

Documentation containing a description of the functional characteristics of the software


This document contains a description of the functional characteristics and architecture of the AurumRealty software (hereinafter referred to as the software).


AurumRealty is a SaaS service designed to automate real estate advertising campaigns. AurumRealty manages all advertising systems and analyzes the company’s performance results. The advantages of AurumRealty over its analogues are its equipment with media buying tools, RealtyCall technology developed on the basis of “pixel” technology and a CPA network that unites developers and webmasters.


The software interface is designed for quick and consistent transition to software sections. The software functionality is intended for several categories of users:



The administrator can view and manage user accounts. The administrator has access to system settings, as well as logs. The administrator can register users of those roles that cannot be registered in the usual way.


An accountant manages the finances of advertisers and publishers. An accountant can set a credit limit and assign discounts to clients both for their account and for placement on any platform. The accountant can withdraw or replenish user funds. The accountant moderates requests for withdrawal or replenishment.


A marketer can view statistics (dashboard) on expenses by channel, Yandex.Direct. The marketer sees the number of translations, the number of targeted translations. A marketer can view the number of conversions, expenses, transfers for individual UTM tags.

A marketer can view translations and listen to recordings of conversations. 

A marketer can set regions for UTM tags registered in the system.


The advertiser can create advertising campaigns of different types (fixed placement, LEAD form, URL transition), view statistics on impressions and clicks, and statistics on transfers. The advertiser can create and edit creatives. 

Also, the advertiser can send requests to replenish the balance and create campaigns through media planning.

Head of Call Center

The head of the Call Center can view the currently active complexes, set a transfer number for them (if not specified), change the call plan for the duration of the placement (if not specified by the advertiser). Set a link to the detailed page on or to download data on the advertised residential complex (prices for apartments, metro, etc.). The head of the Call Center also has the opportunity to view planned complexes (campaigns awaiting launch) and perform the above actions with them. 

The head of the Call Center has the ability to view transfers in the system, listen to recordings of conversations, download statistics in .csv format. 

The head of the Call Center can track active advertising placements on the map. (in Moscow, St. Petersburg).

The head of the Call Center can view the traffic table, which displays all the necessary data on placements. In the table you can track the implementation of the plan, the number of transfers, data on active placements, data on residential complexes (prices for apartments, metro, address). You can go to the developer’s website (in case the transfer is made via a link).


The publisher can create sites, view statistics on them, and make withdrawal requests. Also, documentation on TGB customization is available for the publisher on its website.

Super user

A superuser is an account that includes several types of users, namely: